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Character Profiles

just to get it all cleared away, if you guys could put a profile of your characters up. you don't need to put the strength, charisma, or anything, just general info. you can follow this basic layout, or make your own:

Character Name:
Character Gender:
Character Age:
Character Race:
Eye Colour/Hair Colour:

and any of the character's personal history you feel like sharing. and you can keep some stuff mysterious, etc. we could possibly have little quests in which we find out new things about each of the characters.
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Character Name: Zemira
Gender: Female
Age: This may depend on her race, but she's relatively young...early twenties, or at least appears that way.
Race: Kinda undecided. probably either part-dragon or tiefling...dunno yet.
Eye/Hair: Eyes are purple and Hair is black, I believe. I'd have to double-check, but I think that's right.
Alignment: Erm...yes...Neutral something? I'll decide and get back to ya.
Class: Cleric.
History is of yet undecided. Not entirely sure at the moment.
But yeah. The thing about Zemira is she's got wings (hence tiefling/dragon thing) and she uses her eyes to hypnotize people into doing her bidding, but she doesn't use it often.
Name: Lenore
Gender: Female
Age: Again, fairly young, but older than Zemira. Maybe late 20's, early 30's? Somewhere along those lines.
Race: Human
Eye/Hair: Eyes are green, hair is dark brown, almost black, with lighter streaks in it. Also, her hair is longer than a normal paladin's, based on her past. It is usually kept up in her helmet, but it falls over her left eye when she's not wearing her helmet.
Alignment: Lawful Neutral.
Class: Fallen Paladin.
She was kicked out of the Paladins, based on something she found out, so she's now mostly nomadic, wandering from place to place. She'll do odd jobs to get a bed for the night. She doesn't trust people easily, and she has a cousin who she dislikes because her father and mother adopted the cousin to replace Lenore when Lenore was kicked out.
That's basically her. Can we tell which one I've worked on? Lol.
Hmm, this might take awhile. I'll have to wait for a time when I'm not in the school library.